Ez Granite Depot, a stones supplier company located at 1313 NW 65TH PLACE – UNIT 2 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33309

We carry a huge selection is high quality multicolored exotic stones, semi exotic slabs, semi precious stones, granite, marble and Quartz.

For over 20 years EZ GRANITE DEPOT has been the main chain from the international market of Brazilian marble and granite, EZ GRANITE DEPOT Imports and commercialization of high quality stones with responsibility have made us proudly won the credibility of our customers. Our promptly services always comply with delivery times on all orders.

At EZ Granite Depot company we use the most modern equipment available in the market monitored during Stones Supplier Companyoperation for maximum quality in deployment plates, avoiding losses and optimizing production.

In order to meet the demands of the granite plates market, EZ Granite Depot has a complete  infrastructure logistics – shipping preparation of plates, ovation and transport containers – making the goods arrive intact and on time to their destination.

The company maintains a strict stock control and deliveries always aiming punctuality and fulfillment of requests.

We have a warehouse with a huge inventory, contact us today or come visit our store at:

1313 NW 65TH PLACE – UNIT 2

We are constantly researching and improving our products, as well as expanding our product line. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service, and to offer the consumer with the best there is in STONE Products.

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